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Good News Broadcasting Network has partnered with Good News TV to bring you the best quality programming, designed to deliver a holistic and hope-filled viewing experience, connecting you with Jesus Christ, the truths found in Scripture, and a church family nearby! 

Good News Broadcasting Network (GNBN) is the network of television and radio stations regulated by the FCC, which broadcasts Good News TV channels, bringing them to your home 24 hours/day. GNBN owns and operates these stations, so we depend on your support in order to maintain and improve these stations so we can continue broadcasting this excellent programming into communities and homes like yours. 

Good News TV (GNTV) is a group of channels that we air on our stations. We believe you can always trust GNTV channels for your whole family to watch. They carefully select a variety of programs from dozens of sources in combination with their own locally produced programs, ultimately delivering inspiring channels designed to strengthen your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Tune in 24 hours a day to enjoy a wide variety of practical Christ-centered programs that feature healthy cooking, relationship skills, beautiful music, local worship services, disease prevention, Bible teaching, childrens' programs, exercise, mission adventures, archeology, history, and much much more! 

We here at Good News Broadcasting Network hope that you'll find your viewing experience to be a rich blessing that will benefit you and your family on your path to a better life today, and eternal life in heaven. 

Thank you for tuning in!

Board of Directors
Good News Broadcasting Network